About us


Strong R&D team

Our core R&D team consists of experts in the fields of medical, pharmaceutical, and molecular biology, genetics, computer science, among others. Our scientists have graduated from world-renowned universities such as Cornell University, Tsinghua University, and the University of Hong Kong.

Our research focuses on the development of new drugs and nutritional interventions related to mitochondrial function. We have developed more than 20 targeted anti-aging and cell repair products such as NADH and NMN. Our technology has been protected by international patents.


Cutting-edge core technology

Our R&D Team from our anti-aging cytokine research and development center has extensive expertise in technologies such as enzyme-directed evolution technology, molecular purification technology, vacuum low-temperature drying technology, and anti-acid hydrolysis controlled release technology. Our scientists have made numerous inventions, which have been protected by international patents.

27 international patents, and certificates

Certifications such as GMP, HACCP, ISO22000, NPN and FDA-FOOD FACILITY REGISTRATION from independent testing authorities