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  • 1 Screening and application of anti-aging active substances

    Celfull provides services for the screening and application of anti-aging active substances on cellular aging models using different molecular libraries. Through the detection of various aging phenotypes, the anti-aging effects of the candidate compounds are evaluated. Once the evaluation is done, it will be verified in animal models. The toxicity and side effects are considered simultaneously and the anti-aging effects and toxicity are comprehensively evaluated for further evaluation of application possibilities and  the corresponding mechanism of action could be studied. Through clear aging targets, reverse screening of natural products or design functional compounds, and verify in the whole animal model.

    2 Formulation research and application of NMN ,NADH and their derivatives

    Celfull provides dosage form development services of different dosage forms, different formulations and different application scenarios according to the physical and chemical properties of NMN, NADH and other raw materials based on the TURN-A technology of the dosage form research platform,which consist of biomembrane penetration technology, intermolecular complex/chelation technology, nano-microemulsion dispersion technology, intermolecular embedding technology,so that to obtain product solutions with higher bioavailability and multi-effect synergy.

    3 Analysis of NMN, NADH and their derivatives' structure

    Celfull provides chiral isomer and crystal form analysis services of NMN and NADH so as to obtain its safety and biological activity data at the cellular level and the overall animal level. Chiral analysis is mainly carried out by chiral chromatographic column separation and followed by mass spectrometry. It could also be combined with direct analysis methods, such as the dissociation method of diastereomeric complexes; chiral example migration mass spectrometry, etc.. Crystal form analysis is mainly analyzed by X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy.