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  • 1 Aging assessment "herb youth plan"

    (1) Objective: to establish an analysis model of aging evaluation method and find a scientific aging intervention method

    (2) Introduction: herb youth program is a multi-dimensional and ultra deep aging evaluation system established by celery mitochondrial Medical Research Institute, It is an active aging intervention plan, which aims to establish a database of aging, so as to realize aging without aging. The plan goes deep into the foundation Because the core mechanism of aging is analyzed at different levels, a holographic aging data platform is established by using the multi-dimensional evaluation data of aging level, Form a set of scientific aging evaluation methods and analysis models, so as to find scientific aging intervention methods and start the research on aging Clinical trials of intervention methods will eventually form intervention products that can be widely popularized and applied.

    2 Comprehensive solution for diagnosing LBP health

    (1) Objective: to establish a self-management rehabilitation model for low back pain (LBP) and improve the activity level of patients

    (2) Introduction: low back pain (LBP) is the main cause of disability. It is one of the top ten reasons for global consultation on primary health care one of. Improper spinal flexion is the cause of LBP, and lateral flexion on the intervertebral disc facet joint interferes with the load Is the main cause of LBP. However, the real cause of musculoskeletal disease is the high pressure of intervertebral disc in the long space Because. This research is based on the virtual spine platform (VSP), which has been proved to accurately reflect user feedback Subtle postural changes reflecting back health. However, everyone's "non neutral (harmful) position" is defined like a fingerprint It is also unique, and it is different at each stage of the rehabilitation process.

    Without developing a personalized LBP rehabilitation model, this study aims to verify the accuracy of VSP back health diagnosis and Reliability of auxiliary activities in daily environment, such as exercise, walking, etc. We will be in a selected rehabilitation phase, right The VSP diagnostic function performs cross validation and uses the newly developed wearable sensor. Then, we will generate The satisfaction of psychological and social needs to evaluate our open comprehensive solution for LBP crowd sports Increased clinical effect. This study is expected to establish a self-management LBP rehabilitation model and improve in daily life Suitable for the activity level of patients, and finally reduce the burden of primary health care consultation (GP) in public health institutions.

    3 Effect of NADH on islets β Preliminary study on the protective effect and mechanism of cell high glucose injury

    (1) Objective: To investigate the effect of NADH on pancreatic islets β Preliminary study on the protective mechanism of cells against high glucose injury

    (2) Introduction: insulin is one of the most important hormones in the body. It can regulate blood glucose homeostasis, promote anabolism, and regulate cell proliferation, differentiation, growth and development. As the only insulin secreting cell, pancreatic islets β The insulin secretion of cells is precisely regulated by multiple factors such as nutrients, neurotransmitters and hormones. High glucose, high fat and inflammatory cytokines cause inflammation through different signal pathways β Insulin secretion disorder is a major pathophysiological factor in type 2 diabetes. As an important coenzyme in aerobic respiration, NADH participates in material and energy metabolism in cells. As a carrier and electron donor of biological hydrogen, NADH transfers energy to ATP synthesis through oxidative phosphorylation on the inner membrane of mitochondria. The purpose of this study was to prove that the extracellular use of NADH can promote the increase of intracellular ATP level. Diabetic animal islets β The intracellular ATP content was normal β Cells were significantly reduced, raising the islets of type 2 diabetes. β Cell ATP content can reverse the impaired insulin secretion function. There is endogenous GLP-1 / GLP-1R signal system in islets, and GLP-1R is mainly distributed in islets β On the cell surface, this study investigated whether NADH affected the production of GLP-1 and GLP-2, and jointly participated in the regulation and maintenance of glucose metabolism homeostasis β Cell survival and function. Therefore, this study may become an important research project for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Further study will provide new ideas for the treatment of diabetes and provide a new direction for the development of new diabetes treatment drugs.

    4 Study and establishment of detection methodology of nicotinamide monoglycosidic acid (NMN)

    (1) Objective: To study, establish and apply NMN detection methodology

    (2) Introduction: NMN is the most direct precursor of NAD +, and its function is reflected through NAD +. NAD + is also called coenzyme I, full name nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. As the coenzyme of thousands of enzymes, NAD + plays an important role in energy metabolism, immune system and material metabolism. Scientists have found that keeping human young and having a long life is largely affected by the content of NAD + in human living cells. NMN is now mainly used to produce anti-aging products. At present, NMN, as a dietary supplement, occupies a large share in the market. How to establish a fast and effective NMN detection method to ensure product quality and application effect is a very important link. The purpose of this project is to cooperate with the analysis and testing center of the Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen to jointly develop a new nicotinamide single nucleotide detection method and apply it to the production of products, so as to dynamically monitor and ensure the quality of NMN products.